Olive Academy Project

Zeytince Association decided to establish an “Olive Academy” in 2015 to carry out educational studies and activities, and accordingly, within the framework of the “Peninsula Sustainable Development Strategy 2014 – 2023” report prepared by IZKA(Izmir Development Agency), it chose the town of Karaburun as its study area. Thus, the studies initiated by the Karaburun District Governorate were concluded with the approval of the Ministry of National Education, the permissions of the Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, the Izmir Revenue Office, the Karaburun Property Directorate.


In Karaburun İnecik Village, the old primary school building, which has been evacuated and disused due to the transition to the transported education system since 1992, has been allocated to our association by leasing. With the positive reception of the “Olive Academy Project” presented to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, a new prefabricated building of the same dimensions was built in place of the old primary school building and the landscaping was completed. Zeytin School has started its activities since May 2017. 



The working areas and objectives of the Zeytin School can be summarized under two main headings:

It works as a stopover point for the visitors, hikers and cyclists of the Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Route, and as an information and advice center for the Olive Road.


Zeytin School as a stopover and at the same time an information, counseling, and education center; by organizing activities such as training seminars, workshops, and harvest festivals, aims to contribute to the increase of awareness about the natural, industrial and cultural heritage of the region, to the protection and enrichment of this heritage at national and international level.


At the same time, the promotional activities to be carried out will increase the national and international awareness and attraction of the Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Route and the Olive Road. Thanks to the learning and discussion platform created, residents – producers in the region and route visitors, hikers and cyclists will come together, thus providing an environment for the emergence of innovative and creative ideas.


“Zeytin School is a science, information, and education center.”




Zeytin School aims to operate as an education and solidarity center that aims to protect natural, cultural and industrial assets, especially olive and olive products, and to create employment and income in the region based on these assets. In addition, it was established with the aim of creating a place where all kinds of activities that are beneficial / respectful to people and nature, and ecological concerns are supported in fields such as science, art and sports.

It aims;

• By organizing training and workshop activities in the fields of production, consumption, and marketing related to the products in the region; to create new employment and income-enhancing areas for residents in the region, especially women and youth,
• To increase the quality and quantity of added value produced in the region,
• Through these activities to increase the welfare of the region and therefore to prevent migration from the village to the city,
• To support the Peninsula’s integration into international ecological tourism and eco-networks by organizing national and international workshops.


In this context, it is aimed to contribute to the increase of awareness about the natural, industrial and cultural heritage of the region, to the protection and enrichment of this heritage, at a national and international level, by organizing activities such as training seminars, workshops and harvest festivals.


It is envisaged that the Zeytin School will be included in the Gourmet Cities network Delice and Slow Food in the coming period. Thus, it will be possible to continue the activities that started at the local level at the international level. In addition, establishing connections with international ecovillages, making mutual visits, granting scholarships to students and researchers within the framework of opportunities, and establishing national and international volunteer programs for various activities are also among the top plans.



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