TUBITAK 4004- ECOLOGICAL LITERACY EDUCATION: “Olive knows in its own way”

TUBITAK 4004- ECOLOGICAL LITERACY EDUCATION:  “Olive  knows in its own way”

This Project was coordinated by Ege University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) with the TUBITAK 4004- Education for Nature and Science Schools Programme.  50 students from  undergraduate and graduate levels at department of economics of Ege University  participated the   education/training  activities.  Training activities took place at the  Training  Center  of  Zeytince   Association,  the “Olive Academy” situated  at  Inecik/ Karaburun, and  at various villages of Karaburun. Assoc. Prof. Meneviş Uzbay Pirili coordinated the project

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Traditional Story Telling Meeting at Olive Academy - 2019

Stories Touching the Nature

12-13 January 2019
Inecik, Karaburun
Details and Program


Zeytince Association participated the “Bioblitz “Citizen Science Application in Karaburun Program implemented its second meeting at “Bademler” Life Village on 25 October 2018. Assoc. Professor  Koray Velibeyoğlu gave a presentation outlining the purpose and scope of the citizen science practice. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar Gökhan Şenol from The Department of Botany of The Faculty of Science of The Ege University, explained the basic concepts of Botany, how the issue should be handled, and gave detailed information about the Floristic diversity of Turkey and Izmir. During the meeting, how citizen science can be used as a powerful tool for climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection through civic engagement. Tolgahan Oysal explained the various activities to be undertaken under citizen science, how to use the mobile application and answered the questions of the participants. In the second part of the meeting,  a two hour, hands-on field trip took place.



Olive Fly Project is a comprehensive project to fights against the olive fly which damages the olive trees in the Karaburun Region. In February -December 2017, under the coordination of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Agricultural Services and Zeytince Association, the “Olive Fly Project” was conducted in the districts of Eğlenhoca, Kösedere and Inecik of Karaburun. 

The project lasted for one year and composed of three phases. Through this project mass trappings  against olive fly were applied to all the trees in the region. Olive producers in the region participated the project and assisted the trapping process.

The Project Coordinator is Mr. Ertuğrul Tugay, head of the Agricultural Services Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Academic consultant is Dr. Cahit Tunç an agricultural engineer and the executive coordinator is Prof. Dr. R. Funda Barbaros from Zeytince Association.  

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Zeytince Association took part as the voluntary partner in the formation of the Olive Grove Road which is one of the thematic routes of the The Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Road Project undertaken by Municipality of Izmir in 2015. Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Road Project – total 709 km long – that goes trough the six cities of the ancient Ionian civilization in Izmir Peninsula and embracing all the natural, historical and cultural riches have been, for the first time, turned into walking and cycling paths in Izmir http://rota.yarimadaizmir.com/en/home .

Ephesus – Mimas Road is the common name of routes tracking footsteps of history on Izmir peninsula where settlement dates back eight thousand years. In addition to the tracks suitable for walking and bicycle roads, it offers olive and vineyard themed routes to the enthusiasts.



Olive Academy is the school building, education and information centre of Zeytince Association which is situated in the Inecik district of Karaburun/Izmir.  Zeytince Association prepared the Olive Academy Project within the framework of the “Izmir Peninsula Sustainable Development Strategy 2014 – 2023” and presented it to the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir in April 2016.

With the approval of the project, an old  and inactive school building at Inecik was renovated into a new school building, In May 2017, after the opening ceremony attended by more than 100 guests and the Mayor of Izmir Municipality, the renovated school building  under the name Olive Academy “Zeytin Okulu”, was   given to the service of  Zeytince. Olive Academy, with its  school building, backyard, and other education facilities, acts as a centre of education, workshop and seminar activities of Zeytince Association in the region.

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