Robot-Hand Workshop

We held our first event in our Zeytin School (Olive School) building on May 27, 2017: Robot-hand Izmir.

In the event, where young friends who use 3D printers, make their software and even manufacture these printers themselves, and people who target them and draw ‘paths’ come together, the endless benefits of the use of prosthetic hands from childhood, the affordable costs of prosthetics that a child should use until he is an adult with a 3D printer, and its dissemination were discussed, and various applications were made with a 3D printer.

We would like to thank all the participants, especially Ahmet Savran, who is on the organizing committee of the event, Inan Aysel, Ozan Özyaman, and Serdar Okumus, who are also members of our association.

Our path is forming together.

What is a Robot-Hand?

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