Ecology, Philosophy and Economy Workshop – Efe Workshop

In the Ecology-Philosophy-Economy (EFE) Workshop, an activity was held for undergraduate and graduate university students from the Department of Economics at Ege University, and Izmir Turkish College High School students to question the concepts of nature and human through sustainability. A test about climate change was applied to the group of students from different education levels before the education. In the first session, a common stimulus was given to the whole group and they were directed to ask questions and to deepen these questions with the help of philosophy.

In this event, which took place in three sessions, in the second session, they explained the nature-human relationship from ancient times to the present, discussed the concept of sustainability with a different perspective, and established its relationship with technology. In the third session, subgroups were formed and they were given the opportunity to express themselves with drama, music, poetry and painting. The method of Community Philosophy Inquiry has been applied in this training, in which the instructor is not the one who gives the correct answer, but the one who encourages the group to think and talk.



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