Ecological Literacy Education

Zeytince Association, together with its educator staff, has been conducting Ecological Literacy Training and Seminars open to the participation of youth and adults in Izmir since 2018. It carries out its training in cooperation with central and local municipalities and other actors of the city. To date, nearly 2,000 participants have received training. Ecological Literacy Education proposes a new education method in line with the adoption of sustainable lifestyles. The basic principle of ecological literacy is the implementation of educational practices that increase the sense of curiosity in the participants and thus support their learning by experiencing, sensing and experiencing the human-natural systems interaction. Therefore, Ecological literacy education implements a different education method from the didactic education model, and in the education process, feeding and integrating the emotional intelligence, social intelligence and at the same time ecological intelligence comes to the fore in order to develop the different comprehension and learning capacities of the participants.

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