Ecological Literacy with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, breaking new ground in Turkey, organized “Ecological Literacy Training” for employees of Central and District municipalities.

The trainings were carried out by the trainers of the Zeytince Association. In these trainings, it is aimed to raise awareness about the basic working principles of ecological systems, the mutual interaction in human-nature relations, the ongoing climate crisis and other ecological problems and solutions. Thus, it is planned to contribute to the municipal employees’ adoption of the sustainability culture and to the creation of creative designs locally in line with sustainable living practices.

Training Locations:

  • Gençlik Theater Kültürpark;
  • Can Yücel Seed Center
  • Ödemiş Local Services Building
  • Zeytin School Karaburun
  • Izmir Art Kültürpark

Training Date:
08 November 2021. – 28 December 2021

Number of Participants: 400 Municipality Employees

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