Tramp Kitchen Project

Movement for common, sustainable and equitable food

Tramp Kitchen (Aylak Mutfak) sets out with the belief that a sustainable and equitable delivery of food from seed to table is possible with a joint action, and that advocacy and awareness activities should be carried out by bringing local actors together. Our goal is to create a grassroots food movement that includes all food actors in the city, sharing knowledge and experience. Tramp Kitchen (Aylak Mutfak) takes its “name” from being a traveler who thinks about and observes the city and feeds on the city. At the same time, it focuses on discovering the resolution and determination of nature in its cycle, with the slowness, wisdom and witnessing of a turtle.

It is funded under the Actors of Urban Change (ACT) program, which supports actors in different cities to start a movement about the problems they identify with their cities. >> >>

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