Dear Supporters of the Association of Zeytince,
Thank you very much for your support
for contributes to the sustainable development of the ecological balance of the Olive Route, which demonstrates the richness of the olives,
to the people who visit the region, for the education and activities organized by Zeytince Association,
working for the creation, sharing and development of knowledge and practices related to the nature,
the academic projects, the Olive School, which hosts all these events and ideas.

Donations for the supporters of Zeytince Supporting Ecological Life Association:

Vakıfbank İzmir Alsancak Şubesi
Account name:  Zeytince Ekolojik Yasami Destekleme Dernegi
IBAN: TR53 0001 5001 5800 7302 2819 84
Tax No: 998 077 6843

Benefactor Rights Declaration:

As Zeytince Supporting Ecological Life Association, we believe that donation is a voluntary behavior, that giving and sharing increases our quality of life. We support and support the rights of the donors, since we care about the trust and respect of the public and the benefactors and the potential donors. We recognize that all benefactors have the following rights.

Benefactors Rights:

  1. To be informed about the mission and vision of the non-profit organisation, how to use the donation and its capacity and intention to use it efficiently,
  2. To obtain information about the board of directors and executives and expect the executives to perform their duties prudently and prudently,
  3. Access to current financial information,
  4. Guaranteeing that the donation will be used in accordance with its purpose,
  5. A proper thanks,
  6. To request confidentiality of donations in accordance with the law,
  7. To request that all the employees representing the institution should have all professional relations with him / her.
  8. Knowing whether the person who wants the donation is a volunteer or an employee,
  9. If the contact information will be shared with someone else, request to remove from lists,
  10. When making a donation, you have the right to ask questions, get instant, correct and clear answers.

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