Mass Trapping Project Against The Olive Fruit Fly In Karaburun



In 2017, the first phase of the mass trapping project against the olive fruit fly was realized by Zeytince Association and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department in the olive basin located in Karaburun’s Eğlenhoca, Kösedere and Inecik neighbourhoods.

First of all, in line with requests by producers, producers’ meetings’ were held in three neighbourhood within the support of mukhtars to determine the number and location of olive trees and the producers were informed about the project which has the aim of increasing the yield, quality and production capacity of olive and olive oil as some of the important products of the region. In the second phase, the project consultant, Agricultural Engineer Dr. Cahit Tunç conveyed the implementation stages of the project to the producers with a practical training and mutual information exchange was realized with the participation and support of the experts of the IMM Agricultural Department. In the third phase of the project, the necessary equipment and materials were distributed to the producers and mass trapping was carried out on all olive trees in the basin. The first phase of the project was successfully completed. Due to press news and the information obtained from the producers showed that the project resulted with positive impact on the yield and quality of olive and olive oil production. Therefore, in 2018, the second phase of the project started jointly with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. And later on, the project was expanded to whole Karaburun peninsula, within the aim of strengthening the protection shield from the olive fruit fly. The implementation processes were carried out by IMM within the expansion of the area. Since more than three years, olive fruit fly traps are still in use by producers in the peninsula.




The stages of the project are listed below in chronological order:

  • 2nd Stage Meetings with District Chiefs (February – March 2018)
  • Olive Fruit Fly Project : Starting the 2nd Stage (January 2018)
  • Controlling the Traps and Monitoring the Project
  • Trap hanging on the trees (6 August 2017)
  • Trappings and delivering technical DAP’s to the farmers (4-5 August 2017)
  • Storing of the Traps and materials for the project (28 July 2017)
  • Delivering of the Trap bottles to the farmers
  • Storing of the Traps and materials for the project (27 July 2017)
  • 4th Education of the Producers
  • 3rd Education of the Producers
  • Preliminary monitoring of the Traps (June 2017)
  • Preliminary Reporting ( May 2017)
  • 2nd Education of the Producers (April 2017)
  • Collection of information about the Producers
  • 1st Education of the Producers
  • Preliminaries : Inventory Count of the olive trees in the region (February 2017)
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