The Struggle Project Against Olive Fruit Fly


In 2017, in the olive basin of Karaburun, where Eğlenhoca, Kösedere, and İnecik districts are located, the first phase of the struggling project against olive fruit fly was carried out by Zeytince EYDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Agricultural Services.
In line with the demands from the producers; in the project, which aims to contribute to the increase of the yield and quality of olive and olive oil, one of the most important products of the region, and the production capacity with a series of measures, starting from the production stage, first of all, producer meetings were held in three neighborhoods to determine the number and location of olive trees, and the producers were informed about the project. In these studies, the support of the headmen of all three neighborhoods was received. In the second stage, the project consultant Agricultural Engineer Dr. Cahit Tunç conveyed the implementation stages of the project to the producers with a hands-on training, and a mutual exchange of information was carried out with the participation and support of the experts of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Department of Agricultural Services. At the third stage of the project, the necessary equipment and materials were distributed to the producers, and mass trapping was carried out on all olive trees in the basin. The first phase of the project was successfully completed. The technical studies required to measure the effects of the work done are carried out within the scope of the project, and in parallel, the information and opinions received from the producers show that the struggle has positive effects on the olive and oil quality in the olive production process.
In 2018, the second phase of the project, which was carried out jointly with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has been started. With this project implemented on the Karaburun olive peninsula, it is aimed to expand the scope and strengthen the protection shield from the olive fruit fly. In 2018, the regions where the project will be implemented were designated as: Eğlenhoca- Kösedere- İnecik- Ambarseki- Saip – Merkez – Bozköy-Tepeboz- Hasseki. The selected regions are the areas with the most olives. In the first phase of the project, based on the experience gained during the work on the pilot area, the weather conditions, and the evaluations of the notes taken during the meetings with the producers, this year’s trapping works will be started with a similar method and the follow-up will be continued.
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