Zeytince Association took part as the voluntary partner in the formation of the Olive Grove Road which is one of the thematic routes of The Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Road Project undertaken by Municipality of İzmir in 2015. Ephesus – Mimas Cultural Road Project – total 709 km long – that goes trough the six cities of the ancient Ionian civilization in  Izmir Peninsula and embracing all the natural, historical and cultural riches have been, for the first time, turned into walking and cycling paths in Izmir .

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Olive Academy is the school building, education and information centre of Zeytince Association which is situated in the Inecik district of Karaburun/Izmir. Zeytince Association prepared the Olive Academy Project within the framework of the “Izmir Peninsula Sustainable Development Strategy 2014 – 2023 and presented it to the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir in April 2016.

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Olive Fly Project is a comprehensive project to fights against the olive fly which damages  the olive trees in the Karaburun Region. In February-December 2017, under the coordination of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Agricultural Services and Zeytince Association, the “Olive Fly Project” was conducted in the districts of Eğlenhoca, Kösedere and Inecik  of  Karaburun.

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