The oldest name known for the Karaburun region was Mimas, which goes back to BC 4000 years.

The oldest name known for the Karaburun region is Mimas. Homer mentions the “windy Mimas” mountain (present-day Bozdağ mountain in Karaburun) in his Odyssey. In greek mythology, Mimas was one of the Giants, he was the offspring of Gaia. During the war between the Giants and Gods, Mimas was defeated and Zeus burnt him into ashes and is said to be buried under heavy metals. The mountain under which he was  buried  is called  the Mimas mountain

The Mimas mountain is also associated with Iris,Leto and Narcissus. InIonian through to Byzantinetimes, the region also carried the names Stelar or StylariusCaleberno by the Genoese and Ahırlı during the Ottoman era.

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The Book & Articles on olive and olive oil  with  visual contents and  written by Dr. Zeynep Delen Nircan, the founder  of Aegean Atelier and  co-founder of Zeytince Association & Olive School,  are published in Sarkaç


Book Description

Despite the growing interest in olive oil, most people know very little about what it is or how it is made. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of olive oil from the tree to table, from a molecular and personal perspective.

Growers often do not know what is happening at a molecular level or why certain practices produce superior or inferior results, for example, why adjusting a temperature rewards them with winning oils. This book aims to provide some of the answers as well as the importance of the chemicals responsible for the flavour and health effects. Readers will also get a deeper understanding of what makes an extra virgin olive oil authentic and how scientists are helping to fight fraud regarding this valuable commodity.

Including anecdotes from growers of olives and producers of oils, the authors provide an accessible text for a wide audience from food science students to readers interested in the human story of olive oil production.



  • Olive Origins
  • The Beginning of a Grove: Planting the Trees
  • The Tree Through the Year
  • Season’s End: Harvesting the Fruit
  • Processing: The Most Important Hour
  • Delivering Quality and Assuring Authenticity
  • Good Taste is Required
  • Health Effects: But is Olive Oil Good for You?
  • 1001 Uses for Olive Oil
  • Sustainability



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